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Introduction to WyteByte

Introduction to WyteByte

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WyteByte Technologies Inc exists to make your field force efficient and successful.WyteByte creates a piece of technology that makes sure teams are collaborative, up to date with the product information, assigned realistic routes to meet customers or vendors, have been allocated related tasks, and has the ability to report back as efficiently as possible.

ai / ml

Artificial Intelligence at the core of WyteByte makes its usage unique and intelligent. WyteByte has been designed keeping AI in mind and has developed its own AI models in order to make cognitive suggestions to the user while they use the app to place on-site order or when they review customer inventory using the mobile application


WyteByte is a cloud-based enterprise application that gives flexibility in terms of providing options of the various cloud platforms to opt for. We support Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. 


The field force team is traveling and at remote locations most of the time. Keeping these facts in mind WyteByte provides Android and iPhone/iPad application to the end users along with web-based admin console for the managers



Route Planner

Efficient AI based territory and route planner makes it very easy for team manager to assign territory and routes to the team

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AI powered order recommendation system to help team in field suggest orders by looking at the order history and current inventory of the customer 

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visual merchandising

Visual merchandising feedback in order to just point and order the quantities by just hovering mobile camera on inventory of the customer

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Task planner

State-of-the-art task planner system which allows end users to effectively manage and operate on assigned tasks from the back office

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product catalog

Easy to use product information and catalog system managed by backend team

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Realtime activity monitoring of the field team by managers while they are on official travel and using the mobile application

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WyteByte supports API based integrations with many legacy system like Salesforce, Dyanmics, Zoho, Freshworks and many more

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Standard and custom reports and dashboards for management team 

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